Why isn’t everyone breathing underwater?

First and foremost, not everyone is born with the ability to breath underwater.  Remember that only a small number of those people exist since not a lot of people don’t come from an ancestry that includes merfolk.

On top of this, our government prevents people from taking their first breath underwater to test and see if they have the ability to become a merfolk. no-swimming-beach-sign-14297601.jpgdanger_rip_currents.jpg1.jpg

Look at all of these signs set up by the government. They are trying to prevent us from entering into the waters where high concentration of merfolk have been spotted by their scouts.

You might be asking “Why would they keep this hidden?”

In all honesty, the government is just trying to prevent the great population decrease in our society that will inevitably occur if too many people find out about the merfolk. They also want to lessen the amount of people who will suddenly go missing and cause panic in society. They try to close off our eyes and ears to keep us away from our true origins in order to maintain a calm veil on society.


Known Merfolk

George Bass


(George Bass holds written information about the merfolk after communicating with them)

Hoping to strike it rich as a private trader, Bass returned to Australia in the early 1800s on a merchant ship called the Venus. When his cargo failed to fetch a respectable price, Bass hatched an audacious plan to travel to South America—then a Spanish territory—on a rogue trading mission. He set sail in February 1803 but soon disappeared with his crew in the Pacific Ocean, never to be seen again.

George Bass was not hoping to become rich. Instead, he wen to sea to pursue something more. Something like mermaids. Called to become apart of the merfolk himself, he disappeared forever from land. We are certain of his intense interest in the merfolk due to his extensive research on merfolk. He enjoyed this research so much that in this portrait of himself, he can be seen holding a scroll that contains his life’s research on merfolk.

Jean-Francois de Galaup Lapérouse


In 1826 an Irish sea captain named Peter Dillon learned from natives that a pair of ships had once sunk near the island of Vanikoro. [At] the site, Dillon recovered anchors and other wreckage. In a bizarre twist, the locals also claimed that some of the men—including the group’s “chief”—had survived on Vanikoro for some time before building a ramshackle boat and heading out to sea. If this mysterious “chief” was indeed Lapérouse, it would mean the doomed navigator survived for several years longer than was originally believed.

Lapérouse’s ability to survive the sinking of the ship due to the fact that he found the ability to breath underwater.

Percy Fawcett


(There seems to be a mermaid whispering to him)

In 1925 Fawcett, his son oldest son Jack and a young man named Raleigh Rimmell set off in search of the fabled lost city. But following a final letter in which Fawcett announced he was venturing into unmapped territory, the group vanished without a trace. Their fate remains a mystery … In the years after Fawcett vanished, thousands of would-be adventurers mounted rescue missions, and as many as 100 people eventually died while searching for some sign of him in the darkness of the Amazon.

Fawcett, his son, and Rimmell were probably among the people who have joined our aquatic ancestors. Many of the other 100 people have probably become one with the merfolk themselves after venturing into the Amazon and understanding their ability to become merfolk.

Mermaid Sighting

News reports in 2009 claimed that a mermaid had seen sighted off the coast of Israel in the town of town of Kiryat Yam.

Kiryat Yam:

PikiWiki_Israel_13484_Mermaid_statue_Kiryat_Yam_beach.jpgIt (or she) performed a few tricks for onlookers before just before sunset, then disappearing for the night. One of the first people to see the mermaid, Shlomo Cohen, said, “I was with friends when suddenly we saw a woman laying on the sand in a weird way. At first I thought she was just another sunbather, but when we approached she jumped into the water and disappeared. We were all in shock because we saw she had a tail.” The town’s tourism board was delighted with their newfound fame and offered a $1 million reward for the first person to photograph the creature. Unfortunately the reports vanished almost as quickly as they surfaced, and no one ever claimed the reward.

We humans have the ability to become fantastical beings of the underwater world. TO become merpeople. No one has ever told you this because this stage of life is only reserved for the bravest of humanity. There are only a certain few who are brave enough to pass the test and breath in underwater to transform themselves.

We are here to tell society about this because

Fish are our ancestors, and millions of years ago when humans first evolved some people still developed tails, and gills (embryonic development).

Fish Embryo:


Human Embryo:images.jpg

The people with fish features, were shamed and were thought to be killed by the rest of humanity. However, a few survived and founded their own civilization underwater in the deep oceans. Most enjoyed living their lives under water and didn’t dare try to go up to the shore where they would risk being seen by humans. However, here and there a few curious souls only imagine what life would be like on land and have ventured up there. Because of this, there have been mermaid sightings all throughout history. Although, no one has ever been captured. Some chose to escape to land, and on land when they are completely dry for 24 hours, formed legs. The few chose to live their lives on land, in secret. Many fell in love and started families. Their kids were believed to not possess the mermaid characteristics. Little did they know, they would have to pass a test in order to break themselves into water. Today, very few people have mermaid ancestry and it has been so lost that the only ability that they could have again to breathe underwater. However, it must be unlocked and very few have dared to go there.